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[ANN] Dr. Geo 12.04

Hilaire Fernandes

I am pleased to announce you Dr. Geo release 12.04, based on Pharo 1.4,
for GNU/Linux, Windows, Mac OSX and OLPC XO laptop.

It can be downloaded an tested from http://drgeo.eu.

        New features
        * Numerous improvements for a better experience with tablet and
        interactive board.
        * Sketches can be deleted from the preview dialog
        * Removed windows decorations and borders grip in the Sugar theme
        * Remanaged menus
        * Improved canvas view for programmed sketches
        * Various optimizations
        * Handle connection error for remote sketches
        * Sketches can be loaded and saved on a server (FTP only now)
        * Dr. Geo settings to set the server account for remote sketch
        * Animated loader for time consuming operation

        Bugs fixes
        * A few messages from the Pharo Smalltalk are also localized now
        * Uninitialized segment mark caused a save error
        * Fixes when creating middle point
        * #13787 Macro construction player, order mater

Hilaire Fernandes

Dr. Geo -- http://www.drgeo.eu
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