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[ANN] DrGeo 11.12

Hilaire Fernandes
It can be downloaded at http://www.drgeo.eu

New features

#13612 Export to bitmap
#13607 Mark symbol for segment
#13589 Mutuate point feature
#13583 Move figure with Mouse right button
#13582 Zoom figure with mouse wheel
#13551 Lock free item
#11989 Neat way of labelling up a diagram
More examples from Mounir Azouzi about lines in the triangle
#13510 Add the intersection tool
Build a circle by its center and a segment length.
#13509 Implement property tool for free point, free value and script
(Included in the command system for undo/redo)

Bugs fixes

#13620 Move up MySketches and Exemples dir
#13466 Zero divide error with arc
Faster loading time. Thanks to Xavi for his huge sketch example.
When in Eraser mode, the hidden items are correctly drawn
#13482 Undo when doing a construction
Updated French and Spanish translations: multiple lines messages were
not correctly handled.

Dr. Geo -- http://www.drgeo.eu
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