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Call for translation

Hilaire Fernandes
I have updated the French Dr. Geo User Guide with a new chapter with didactics examples.
The book latex source is also split in separate file for each chapter.
The compiled PDF chapters can be read independently.

The corresponding source files are located in the DrGeo repository.

I want to make a call for help to translate the DrGeo User Guide. I already started translation but I need some help to finish the job. Some need of French reading will of course be necessary and good English writing, but we will proof reading it anyway.
To translate, edit directly the latex file (extension .tex in the repository)

English verson of the User Guide will be very useful for all non speaking users as there are neat features in Dr.Geo, but you need a minimal documentation to use it.

Some more information in the welcome message of this forum  regarding access to the book source repository.


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