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Change in the script system

Hliaire Fernandes

I have changed the way script are designed in Dr. Geo.

Starting with incoming DrGeo version (hopefully 14.12) the changes are as follow:
- script becomes first class citizen, understand defined as a Smalltalk class; script calculus/side effect is defined in the #compute method,
- when building a script, the user first dictates the expected argument types,
- when using a script, only objects matching these argument types are selectable,
- the argument sent to a script instance are of type Costume, those from a script you can modify the visual property of the arguments (i.e. objects in the sketch),
- A script menu is now present to quickly use a script (as for macro-construction)
- the script system is incompatible with the previous one, sketch using script need to be rewritten.

Documentation regarding scripting, both English and French, needed to be updated.
Volunteer welcome.