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[Dr. Geo] Test request

Hliaire Fernandes

A Dr. Geo user on Ubuntu 16.04 reported to me instability problem I do
not meet on my 12.04 config. It seems related to Cairo or FreeType. I
will likely update my system on 16.04 later this summer, but I can't
just tweak it as this is the end of the school year with several admin
tasks to conduct.

Will any one of you with a Ubuntu 16.04 system wish to test Dr. Geo and
report to me any problem?

If so, here is what to do:

1. Download and unzip

2. Adjust system to 32 bits compatibility if necessary, follow
instructions at

3. Experiment freely then drag'n drop the TortueOrange.fgeo found in the
enclosed zip.

Does it went fine?


Dr. Geo

TortueOrange.fgeo.zip (25K) Download Attachment