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Hilaire Fernandes
In the last DrGeo update, the 11.03 release, I have included an
integrated system to let user update their own DrGeo installation
without the need to download a full new release.

It is particularly useful for users to test beta release without the
need for me to produce a complete new distribution.

To do so, the user goes in the World DrGeo menu, then select "Dev.
Tools>Update Dr. Geo", after the update the user saves the DrGeo
environment to make the update persistent.

As for now I have not yet prepared a new update stream. If people are
interested to give it a try, just let me know, so I will prepare one
with the last improvements.

Regarding recent DrGeo improvements, there are: a task bar, a multiple
creation toggle button and an entirely new locus sampling engine. See
the enclosed screenshot


Education 0.2 -- http://blog.ofset.org/hilaire

DrGeo-11-06beta1.png (42K) Download Attachment
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