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Hilaire Fernandes
You may have noticed I created a Video channel of DrGeo at dailymotion.

It is linked from the DrGeo welcome page and also in the DrGeo blog.
Why choosing Dailymotion ? Because you can upload a video in the
Ogg/Theora format. Of course the video is converted by Dailymotion, but
at least your native video is open format.

To produce screencast of DrGeo I use recordmydesktop, with the maximum
quality set, it produces very nice screencast with audio.
I want to produce a few more screencasts, about the special features of
DrGeo based on programming. I will try to record myself in English, hum,
may be it will be horrible, let's see how it looks (or heard).

Of course I encourage any of you to upload videos to this channel

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