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Hilaire Fernandes
Le 10/01/2021 à 11:16, bitli [via Dr. Geo Forum] a écrit :
I have created some classes in the DrGeo environment and would like to save them with Iceberg .
However Iceberg is not part of the tool menu of DrGeo(I am an newbie, so I may have missed something altogether).
Is there a way to launch it from the playground (the Iceberg packages seem present in the image).
I have tried to google it, but I had mostly information on who made a doctorate on the geographic distribution of the icebergs :-)

I don't know about Iceberg. I use the Tonel format over Monticello repositories, so I am free to version DrGeo source code with any kind of concurrent versioning system, not only git hub.

Btw, DrGeo use Launchpad repository,

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