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Hilaire Fernandes

A Dr. Geo user on Ubuntu 16.04 reported to me instability problem I do not meet on my 12.04 config. It seems related to Cairo or FreeType. I will likely update my system on 16.04 later this summer, but I can't just tweak it as this is the end of the school year with several admin tasks to conduct.

Will any one of you with a Ubuntu 16.04 system wish to test Dr. Geo and report to me any problem?

If so, here is what to do:

1. Download and unzip https://launchpad.net/drgeo/trunk/17.07/+download/DrGeo.app-17.07a.zip

2. Adjust system to 32 bits compatibility if necessary, follow instructions at http://www.drgeo.eu/faq#TOC-Debian-Jessie-Ubuntu-LinuxMint-12.04-LTS1

3. Experiment freely then drag'n drop the TortueOrange.fgeo found in the zip file at https://www.dropbox.com/s/2n3taeev9mdphdm/TortueOrange.fgeo.zip?dl=0

Does it went fine?


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