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Welcome to the Developers forum!

Hilaire Fernandes
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Dear Dr. Geo Developers!

This forum is a place to discuss about the development of Dr. Geo: bugs, new features, proposals, code sharing.

Before diving in the wonderful world of Dr. Geo development, a few useful information:
- it is GPL licensed
- each workstation release comes will the full source code set for all plate forms (including tablets) and the complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This is all you need to start exploring, learning and experimenting your own source code, in a little more than 20MB for all operating systems!
- it is based on Pharo Smalltalk environment and highly dynamic programming language. There are free documentations about Smalltalk, we suggest the reading of the Pharo by Example vol. I book, it will gently guide you to learn Smalltalk.

If you encounter a bug, take first a look at the DrGeo bug tracker: http://bugs.drgeo.eu. May be, it is already reported. If not, report it in the bug tracker or post here a message with the following information:
- Operating system, report also if it is a 32bits or 64 bits version.
- Dr. Geo version
- A description of the problem and how to reproduce it
- Screen shot of the situation
- A Dr. Geo sketch file if it makes sense

Explore, Discover, Enjoy and Share!

Hilaire Fernandes
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