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What's new in Dr. Geo recently?

Hliaire Fernandes
Dr. Geo can be used in different contexts.

In primary school

As an environment to explore existing sketches or to make simple constructions.

The sketches for young learners can use scripts to produce an enriched feedback. The user interface is adaptable to show only the necessary tools and to not confuse the kids.

Programming scripts needs some expertise, however it opens possibility to build pedagogical contents. Moreover scripts take advantage of all the Dr. Geo and Pharo programming tool set.

Some examples of such activities

Distance and point
The activity shows textual and colour (green/orange) feedbacks
Point and distance

Find parallelograms
The sketch scans the user constructions,  it paints in green the right answers and red the wrong ones. It also print the number of right answers.
Fin parallelograms

Transform a sketch
The kid constructs a sketch according to the instructions and situation. The sketch checks the user constructions and gives visual feedbacks with colours and the number of constructions to make.
Transform a sketch

Find a sketch
In this simple sketch, the kid just needs to move the point to find one match. There are several right answers.
Find a sketch

In junior high

To explore and guess on geometric properties taught during these school years.

In senior high

With more elaborated constructions, entirely programmed or augmented with scripts, we create contexts to explore mathematics analysis situation taught during these school years.

Elements of a recurring sequence
The code, written step by step with the visual support, produces a sketch where the user can play with the value of the first element and sequence parameter.
Watch the demo
Elements of a sequence

Coweb diagram
In this sketch, the user can change the value of the first element as well the parameter. Then the user observes the convergence or not of the sequence.
Watch the demo
Coweb diagram

To learn programming

With the help of the Dr. Geo API to construct programmed sketch or by studying the software source code as Dr. Geo is modifiable from itself.

The programming is done step by step. At the left, the source code editor of the sketch, at the right the resulting sketch.
Watch the demo