Workstation Dr. Geo release 12.12a

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Workstation Dr. Geo release 12.12a

Hilaire Fernandes

I am please to announce you release 12.12a of DrGeo for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

Ready to download from

With my best wishes for the new year 2013.

Hilaire Fernandes

Change Log --

        New features
        * #1051168 Share sketch by network
        * #1061160 Background for text
        * #1073620 Duplicate screen area under finger
        * #1073624 Highlight item when browsing in pop up
        * #1080632 Descriptive name for several items

        Bugs fixes
        * #1047640 Message #arctTan2: sent to Integer
        * #1051206 In eraser mode, no smart point selection
        * #1053064 Long hint cut off on the status bar
        * #1071804 Flying costume not updated when canvas moved
        * #1073622 Enlarge point sensibility zone
        * #1080095 Invisible item selectable
        * #1047645 Pressure sensitive stylus and arc creation
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