Workstation Dr. Geo release 12.12a

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Workstation Dr. Geo release 12.12a

Hilaire Fernandes

I am please to announce you release 12.12a of DrGeo for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

Ready to download from http://www.drgeo.eu/download

With my best wishes for the new year 2013.

Hilaire Fernandes

Change Log -- https://launchpad.net/drgeo/+milestone/12.12

        New features
        * #1051168 Share sketch by network
        * #1061160 Background for text
        * #1073620 Duplicate screen area under finger
        * #1073624 Highlight item when browsing in pop up
        * #1080632 Descriptive name for several items

        Bugs fixes
        * #1047640 Message #arctTan2: sent to Integer
        * #1051206 In eraser mode, no smart point selection
        * #1053064 Long hint cut off on the status bar
        * #1071804 Flying costume not updated when canvas moved
        * #1073622 Enlarge point sensibility zone
        * #1080095 Invisible item selectable
        * #1047645 Pressure sensitive stylus and arc creation
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